Chouteau Avenue

For the last few years my good friend Wiktor Szostalo has been making art back in Poland. Wiktor had originally moved to the US in the early ’80’s. Involvement in the Polish ‘Solidarity’ movement having hastened his departure from Poland – he quickly found artistic success in the US.

Wiktor’s unique approach to large scale stainless steel sculpture was something very rare in this country, and the dozens of commissions, from various Catholic churches across the United States, are a testament to that vision.

I worked with Wiktor for several years, helping him with the welding on a dozen or so of his large scale pieces. After leaving my loft downtown, I eventually moved next door to his studio. By that point Wiktor had already realized that he had far more new commissions in a revitalized Poland than he could see developing in the US.

I still maintain Wiktor’s various websites, I continue to work out of his studio, and I consider myself just one of the many friends in St. Louis who would like to see him eventually return to the states. There’s still a lot work to be done here.


File:Treehugger Project-Wilkowice.jpg


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